Manufacturing Process

The Manufacturing Process

Using both modern electronically-controlled looms and old machine-type shuttle looms, we weave various kinds of denim.
We’re proud of providing underlying support for glamorous fashions by engaging in the low-profile work of creating high-quality materials while working closely with the loom and threads.


Beams of thread arrive daily that have been rope-dyed in accordance with the needs of each project.


Following the textile’s standards and without making any mistakes in the warp arrangement and number of woven threads, roughly two thousand to eight thousand warp threads are passed by hand.


The looms we use depend on the project. We weave denim while continually checking its quality.

Air Jet Loom

A new kind of loom that propels weft threads using the power of air. It can be operated at high speeds.

Rapier Loom

A loom that carries weft threads using a band. It can be used to weave stiff and non-elastic threads.

Shuttle Loom

An old-style loom that propels the weft threads with a shuttle. Can be used to create selvage fabric.

Fabric Inspection

All woven fabric is inspected by the human eye while looking for imperfections.

Original Fabric

Rolls of inspected fabric.

The fabric is brought to a processing facility, cut into 50 m rolls, and then returned to Shinohara Textile.