Company Information


Yoshinori Shinohara
President & CEO

In our over one-hundred-year journey from kasuri textiles to denim, our company mission has always been to manufacture high-quality materials. We may be small, but we offer excellent products: many kinds of specialized Tencel denim, as well as small lots of other denim materials to order. We always are coming up with products that are ahead of their time, and this has become one of our major strengths.


Company Name Shinohara Textile Co., Ltd.
Street Address 703 Ekiya-chō Nakashima,
Fukuyama City,
Hiroshima 720-1134
Tel. +81-84-976-1511
Fax No. +81-84-976-1513
Capital 10 million yen
CEO Yoshinori Shinohara
Business Type Textile manufacturing and sales
Major Equipment 24 air jet looms, 2 rapier looms, 9 shuttle looms
Product Denim
Major Clients Kurabo Industries Ltd.
Kurabo International Co., Ltd.
Moririn Co., Ltd.
Kowa Company, Ltd.


1907 Founded as an individual proprietorship manufacturing kasuri textiles.
1942 Became a limited liability company.
1952 Shinohara Fibers Co., Ltd. established.
1978 Our present-day company, Shinohara Textiles Co., Ltd., established.

Public Transportation

JR Fukuyama Station (Sanyo Main Line, Sanyo Shinkansen) to JR Chikata Station (Fukuen Line)
JR Fukuyama Station to JR Chikata Station: 30 minutes (¥320)
From JR Chikata Station to Shinohara Textile: 6 minute walk


Car GPS Information
Address: 703 Ekiya-chō Nakashima, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima
Tel:+81.84.976.1511(Japanese Only)
Company Name: Shinohara Textile Co., Ltd.

Sanyo Expressway (NEXCO West Nippon Expressway)
Fukuyama Higashi IC — National Route 182 — National Route 486 — Prefectural Route 392 (Approx. 30 minutes)

Please use our twenty-car parking lot located to the east of the showroom.