Product Information

13.5oz Kapoku Selvic Denim

  • Non-stretch
  • Heavy Ounces
  • Functional material

Denim series using Kapok fiber
It is a material using fibers in the fruit of Kapok tree growing in the tropical rainforest of Asia and South America as threads.
The fiber length of Kapok is as short as about 20 mm, but because the inside of the fiber is hollow, it has the property of being cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Also, since the surface of the fiber is covered with a thin waterproof surface layer, it also has buoyancy and water repellency properties.
Kapok tree grows only with natural rainwater and temperature, so it is an organic material so it can be said to be an eco material.
This fabric is made of yarn blended with its Kapok, cotton and Tencel, and it has been developed with Kibata finishing 12 oz (SD 1222 – Kivata) and finishing processing finish 13.5 oz (SD 1222).